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Bullying Prevention Education

Across the nation today, more than 160,000 students will not attend school. This failure to attend is due largely because they have become TARGETS of bullying.  They are gripped by the fear of what might happen to them on the bus, the playground, the cafeteria, the locker room, the classroom, the hallways or just walking home from school.

The National Education Association reports that every 7 minutes of every school day, students are victims of school bullying, 85% of the time there is no intervention by another student or an adult. Students confirm that these painful taunts generate fear and disruption in the teaching and learning process but the pain and anxiety linger for years after the incidents subside.

By 2010, a series of youth suicides occurred within a very short period of time. In 90% of all the incidents, parents reported their child had been bullied and the school’s intervention or lack thereof was to blame.  As a result of these individual tragedies and well documented incidents, many school districts were prompted to update their safety plans to include an anti-bullying policy.  In addition, local, state and national agencies responded with their own versions of anti-bullying legislation.

While there are laws and policies in place to address the issue, most school districts report that the implementation is still an unfunded mandate that causes grave concern. Many Superintendents and School Boards indicate that the fear of bullying may be occurring daily in their schools, but they lack the resources and tools for a fail-safe implementation of their newly developed policy.

Others express concern for the legal implications and liability when bullying occurs and districts cannot document their efforts or when no formalized anti-bullying implementation exists.  Educators recognize the need to provide training and strategies to address bullying at the levels where it most frequently occurs to increase student achievement and decrease legal liability.

BullySafeUSA-Indiana is a nationally recognized anti-bullying program. It was founded by Suellen Fried in 1997 and has been presented to some 80,000 school districts across the nation.  In Indiana, BullySafeUSA trainers have been certified to present a comprehensive program, customized to meet the needs of individual school districts.  It offers a Train-the Trainer model along with technical assistance in developing each school’s training implementation plan.  Its Student Empowerment Sessions offer a proven model and supporting on-going curriculum and trained classroom coordinators.

BullySafeUSA-Indiana offers a comprehensive training and support program for every segment of the school district and parent community. The program is formatted to provide training for Central Office Staff, teachers counselors, social workers but also it includes training for all classes of staff and outreach to the parent community. The BullySafeIndiana program is a transformational framework and engages all its stakeholders in changing the culture of the school community.

BullySafeUSA content introduces the participants to bullying prevention education by addressing bullying as a form of child abuse. All sessions are interactive and led by a certified trainer.  The term ‘peer abuse’ is identified as the likely form of child-on-child abuse observed in classrooms and other school settings. Bullying is given a common set of definitions for the entire school and in the ongoing educational materials.

Four Areas of Concern are also identified for the schools and students. These are: Targets, Bulliers, Witnesses and Teachers.  The BullySafe Trainer defines and provides concrete examples for each.  This presentation identifies the five types of bullying which are:  Physical, Verbal, Emotional, Sexual and Cyber-bullying.  Careful and thoughtful detail are given to defining and providing samples for each category.

Other Areas and Topics covered can be customized for audience interest, and may include; Differences between boys and girls who bully, the difference between Sympathy and Empathy, development of a S.T.A.R. Witness Club and Student-Led Media to integrate social media and student ownership of the problem.  The trainer-led Student Empowerment Sessions provides the most compelling evidence of the program.  The BullySafeUSA-Indiana program offers strategies for all levels of the educational organization; from review of existing policies to strategies for schools, classrooms or individuals. BullySafeUSA-Indiana participants will conclude the training sessions with a school implementation and action plan, workbooks, books, DVD’s and other tools to support a successful implementation.

For more information about bringing a Bullying Prevention Presentation to your school or community organization, please fill out a Presentation Form to schedule a training.

Other contact information: Info@BullySafeIndiana.com or the BullySafeUSA website.



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