Jackson County

2018 Chartered Council


Caring 4 Kids Jackson County

Co-Chairs: Kate Garrity & Charlotte Moss

P.O. Box 346

Seymour, IN 47274

Phone: 812-524-2585

Email: ccn1@cabjackson.org

Website: None



For our April event the council partners with a long standing event which is widely attended by the community. In 2017, the Teens for Change students read statistics of child abuse for Jackson County and those attending the event were able to “plant” a pinwheel. The group has thought of ways to make the event better for 2018. The council’s focus at this time is promoting car seat safety. This was after the director of DCS spoke with the group about child fatalities that could have been avoided due to proper car seat use. The June meeting is used to examine what efforts are being done toward car seat safety. In 2017, the council learned that the hospital was the only certified car seat check place. The checks took place one day per week, by appointment only. The council was able to connect the local health center in order for their staff to be trained. Once all of this is complete, families will be able to get their car seat checked at any time at the health center. During the September meeting, the council plans its involvement with Red Ribbon Week. During 2017, local high school students pointed out that Red Ribbon Week is celebrated in schools but not out in the community. The United Way took that suggestion and made a Red Ribbon week for the entire county. The Caring 4 Kids Council will have a part in that for 2018. During the November meeting, the upcoming year will be planned. The council will examine what was done throughout the year and what the focus needs to be for the next year.


The Caring 4 Kids Council meets quarterly on the 1st Friday at 10 a.m. at 113 N Chestnut in Seymour. The March meeting is used to plan the April event.