Our Philosophy

We believe:

That no child should suffer the pain of abuse and neglect; “fixing” after the fact isn’t enough.

That the child is not an isolated individual, but part of a family—and that effective prevention includes the family.

That prevention is possible: people can change; behavior can change; and the cycle of abuse can be broken.

That every family/societal group is vulnerable to child abuse and neglect.

That community partnerships and alliances are needed to achieve and sustain prevention.

That it is more cost-effective to prevent than to intervene or provide treatment after the abuse and neglect.

That cultural competence is essential to understanding and preventing child abuse and Prevent Child Abuse Indiana is committed to developing cultural diversity throughout its organization.

That raising awareness, gathering and providing information, educating and building support are critical for successful prevention.

Prevent Child Abuse Indiana is a division of The Villages and a chartered state chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America, and has adopted the Position Statement and Resolutions developed by Prevent Child Abuse America.