Start A Council

Prevent Child Abuse Indiana has been around for over forty years, working to prevent abuse & neglect before it has a chance to start. How?

Education for parents, families, caregivers & professionals.
• Help for communities that want to become a vibrant & effective resource for those who raise & care for children.
Advocacy for laws & policies that support families & kids.

The key to preventing the maltreatment of children lies in
community involvement.

Prevention Councils are made up of volunteers from all walks of life that bring the message of primary prevention to their communities. This grassroots strategy has proven to be powerfully effective in keeping kids safe.

Our Council is an advocate for the health and well-being of the children and their families in our community by helping to build and/or enhance protective factors, which help strengthen families and create healthy environments for the children in our community and ultimately reduce child abuse and neglect. Deana Davis, Prevent Child Abuse Orange County

Prevention Councils don’t get involved in ongoing abuse cases. They don’t investigate allegations of abuse or neglect. They work together to prevent abuse before it starts.

Recently we collaborated with other community organizations to host a family movie night on the courthouse square. It was joyous to be sitting out under the stars, watching a movie, and hearing the laughter and sounds of happy healthy families. Michelle Korty, Prevent Child Abuse Scott County

You don’t have to be a social worker, or even have experience working with children. We’re looking for people who understand that child abuse and neglect hurts all of us, and who want to use their skills and abilities to make a difference in their communities. People from all walks of life are involved in Prevention Councils.

We are partnering with Burlington Coat Factory and offering monthly presentations regarding safe sleep, water safety, etc. at their store in Evansville. Participants receive a coupon for a discount for items in their Baby Depot section of the store. Additionally, they are also allowing us to display a form we created about alternative uses for bumper pads instead of putting them in the crib. Nicole Schultz, Prevent Child Abuse Vanderburgh County

There are Prevention Councils in many Indiana counties. But there are many more counties that need this grassroots community presence.

To find your local council please refer to the map below:

PCAIn Council Map

If your county already has a Prevention Council, consider getting involved. If you can give even 1-2 hours a month to this vital work, you can make a difference for kids & families.

If your county is without a Prevention Council, please consider helping to get one started. It’s an easy process, and our experienced staff will provide plenty of support.

If you are interested in forming a council, please contact Stephanie Shene at 317-775-6439 ext. 6424.