When is it okay for your child to be Home Alone?

Review these questions with your child in mind:

  • Is your child mature enough to be home alone? Age in years and age in maturity are very different things. A child who does not know how to respond to a knock at the door, or one who forgets to lock the door, is not ready to be left alone.
  • Can your child handle fear, loneliness, and boredom?  These are some of the things kids face when they are home by themselves.
  • Is there a responsible adult nearby – a relative or neighbor – who your child can call for assistance?  Even if you work nearby, there may be times when you will not be available.  Who can your child turn to then?
  • Does your child know emergency procedures? Have you reviewed fire escape routes? Is there a first aid kid available, and does your child know how to use it?  Role-play with your child – pretend there is an emergency and see your child’s responds.

For more questions and Home Alone Tips, please visit our BLOG page for the Home Alone article.


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