Back to School Safety Tips

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Back to School Safety Tips


Teach or repeat stranger danger

If you have not already had cause to teach your kids about strangers and the dangers that accompany them, now is the time. Kids should not go off to school without understanding the need to stay away from strangers and not to be fooled. Discussing the types of things that are okay and the types of things that should be avoided is vital. Definitely talk about the rules of who will pick them up from school. The list should be short and limited to only the people they know well.

Enforce the importance of washing hands often

With all the new strains of flu and various other maladies that spread through schools so easily, it is absolutely vital that you teach your kids about washing hands. This also includes paying attention to what they touch and sharing food and drink.

Have an emergency plan in place

Kids always feel safer when they know what to do and you have to take the time to ingrain the details into their memory. For example, what would they do if the school had an emergency and they needed to get someplace safe outside the school? In a world where shooters and horrific weather is more more common, we can’t blow this off as a long-shot any longer. It is far better for them to know what to do and what not to do should it happen. Have a place to meet and a backup in case of emergency. It might be a specific part of the school grounds or a trusted home close by. Perhaps even a business that is nearby and safe will work.

Make them a safety card

Your child should have a laminated card on their person at all times that gives their name, address, phone number, emergency contacts and medical conditions at a minimum. This information can be extremely important should they become lost or sick away from home or school.

Discuss bullying and social issues

Bullying has taken the forefront but the same old issues are still out there as well…drugs, peer pressure, smoking and premarital sex to name a few. Discuss all of these things with your kids no matter how uncomfortable it might seem. Over time you will build a trustworthy line of communication that your kids will value as much as you. Bullying is not something you can ignore as a parent. Give your kids real solutions and the power to defend themselves.


These back-to-school safety tips are far from the only ones, but they will get your kids off to a good start. Talk to them about what they might be concerned with. This often reveals other conversations that need to be had as well.

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