Shaken Infant Syndrome/Abusive Head Trauma Prevention

Stay Calm. Take a Time Out. Be Cool.

Prevent Child Abuse Indiana, Indiana Youth Services Association, and The Health Foundation of Greater Indianapolis joined forces to raise awareness about child abuse prevention and shaken baby syndrome, or “abusive head trauma,” reaching out to men and talking about ways to relieve frustration and build stronger bonds with the little one.

Frustration with crying is the number one reason why babies and young children are shaken. Babies cry—it’s inevitable. The important thing for fathers is to be cool; be calm; and call someone if you need to. Take a time out, but don’t take it out on a baby.

Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS), a form of abusive head trauma (AHT) and inflicted traumatic brain injury (ITBI), is a preventable and severe form of physical child abuse. It results from violently shaking an infant by the shoulders, arms, or legs. SBS may result from both shaking alone or from impact (with or without shaking). The resulting whiplash effect can cause bleeding within the brain or the eyes.

Nearly all victims of SBS suffer serious health consequences and at least one of every four babies who are violently shaken dies from this form of child maltreatment:

  • Abusive head trauma is the leading cause of physical child abuse deaths in the United States.
  • Babies less than one year old are at greatest risk of injury from abusive head trauma.
  • The most common trigger for abusive head trauma is inconsolable or excessive crying.

Watch our campaign video here: