The ACE Study confirms, with scientific evidence that adversity during development increases the risk of physical, mental and behavioral problems later in life. The ACE Study and other research using the study’s framework have taught us that ACEs are the leading cause of health and social problems in our nation and the most powerful determinant of the public’s health.  Building Self-Healing Communities is about investing in the people who have the most at stake—especially people affected by ACEs– so they can be expert leaders of their own community’s change. We live at a time of great hope and promise – the greatest public health discovery of our time is about us. The ACE Study provides a discovery – a common framework and language – that we can use to profoundly improve the health and well-being of our society now and for future generations to come.

Audience:  Early Intervention Professionals, Early Childhood Education Professionals, Health Care Professionals, Teachers, and Social Service Staff (must be age 18 or older)

Time: At least 2 Hours

Fee: Free

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