The Nurturing Healthy Sexual Development training helps participants better understand the sexual development of children, and how to respond to children’s sexual behavior and questions in ways that promote healthy development. This training also recognizes that a crucial component of nurturing healthy sexual development is protecting children from sexual abuse. Participants will gain an understanding of the scope of child sexual abuse and the relationship between healthy sexuality and child sexual abuse prevention.

Participates will learn to:

  • Identify normal sexual behaviors of young children
  • Respond to young children’s’ sexual interactions
  • Respond to young children’s questions about sexuality
  • Identify and report suspected child abuse

(This description was taken from the unpublished work © 2006 Prevent Child Abuse Vermont)


Must be 18 or older to attend. Early childhood educators, child care providers, parents, teachers, health care providers, Department of Child Services staff, etc.


This is an engaging discussion-based and interactive 2-3 hour training (to fit your schedule).




To register, complete our online form. Please contact us at least three weeks in advance of when you would like the presentation to take place.