What Would I Do? is a human trafficking prevention curriculum designed to promote critical thinking about healthy relationships, develop a proactive response to harmful cultural messages, and identify action steps for responding to unsafe situations.


Three age-specific modules have been created with relevant, real-life scenarios for students to engage with, aligning with many Indiana Academic Standards and presented by trained facilitators. The age modules are Upper Elementary (5th–6th grade), Junior High (7th–8th grade) and High School+ (9th grade through age 21 (this module is 2 hours with the option of two separate days or two hours in one sitting). Effective prevention begins with the opportunity for open, honest conversation and connection to everyday life. What Would I Do? provides youth the space for addressing harmful stereotypes, barriers to seeking help, and strategies for staying safe.


Participants will gain the following:

  • The student will identify healthy relationships so that they can be aware of the grooming process that traffickers often use
  • The student will use critical thinking skills to evaluate cultural messages so that they can determine if these messages are promoting healthy relationships
  • The student will identify terms related to human trafficking so that they can evaluate how these definitions conflict with cultural definitions of these terms (junior and senior high)
  • The student will identify safe adults, strategies and action steps for responding to at-risk situations by talking through real life scenarios so that they can help themselves and peers stay safe
  • The student will develop a proactive response to information learned that promotes healthy relationships within their sphere of influence and combats harmful cultural messages.


After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Think critically
  • Identify potential harm
  • Identify trusted adult and an action plan
  • Respond in safe and intentional manner
  • Apply knowledge through problem solving to supports individual wellness and healthy relational choices


What Would I Do? was developed in cooperation with several members of the Indiana Protection of Abused and Trafficked Humans (IPATH) task force who have participated in human trafficking trainings with both adults and youth for at least 5 years. Contributing individuals are educators, lawyers, executive directors of anti-trafficking non-profits, and social workers. Assessing and addressing needs of the community, the team based their curriculum writing on input from teachers, victim service programmers, and legal issues involved in trafficking locally. A focus group of youth from various demographics was developed to Beta test the curriculum.


In this way, we present a curriculum that is research based and solidly in line with the overall efforts of the main players in the fight of Human Trafficking in our city and state.

Audience Groups:

(When requesting this training, please indicate the grade level of your audience)

  • Upper Elementary (5th–6th grade)
  • Junior High (7th–8th grade)
  • High School+ (9th grade through age 21

Time Required:  Requires Two 1-hour classes or One 2-hour class

Fee: Free

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