Summer Safety Tips for the Family

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Oftentimes, Dads are considered to be the “Safety Agents” of the family due to our watch dog nature to protect. As summer approaches and the children are with you for more hours of the day, on vacation and trips, consider the following practices:

  • Mentally/ physically prepare yourself for spending more face-to-face time with your children. Understand their emotions, excitement, anxiety and energy levels.
  • Develop and practice safety fire/disaster evacuation plans for your home and the homes where your children will be spending time.
  • Include your children in the vacation/ getaway planning. Be sure to rehearse a safety plan in case they get separated from you. Create a family password and consider giving your children whistles to avoid “stranger” encounters. Secure/prepare proper identification, emergency numbers including identifiable clothing (group shirts, etc.).
  • Purchase /check/ restock emergency kits for home, caretakers’ home, and vehicles.
  • Assess the danger level of outdoor activities like trampolining, dirt biking, jet skiing, boating, skating, water activities etc. Spend time understanding safety equipment needs, licensing, insurance liabilities, etc.
  • Practice healthy eating, stay hydrated and have family exercise times.
  • Try to establish a good balance of family time, time with friends, social media time and quiet time.
  • Coordinate family volunteer activities like neighborhood clean ups, feeding the homeless, serving the elderly.  These are nice ways to give back to your community.
  • Involve the entire family in taking pictures and capturing the moments of the summer. Have the children journal or make a summer scrapbook.

Being a family guardian is important responsibility dads are given but the best benefit is being present for all the fun and smiles that come with the task.

Enjoy Your Summer!

Brian Carter

Dads Inc. /PCAIN